Mykonos Island Greece

A visit to Mykonos Island Greece, the perl of Aegean Sea

Mykonos Island Greece lies in the South Aegean Sea midway between Greece and Turkey. It is part of the Cyclades group of islands to the south of Tinos and Andros. Mykonos is part of the South Aegean periphery. It is a small island of just 85 kilometres square with a population of five or six thousand.

As with most of the Greek islands, Mykonos has associations with mythology and in this case it is supposedly where Heracles killed the giants and the great, white rocks in the sea are their bodies lying all about – but Heracles killed all sorts of people including his own children after being driven mad by Hera. He even challenged Dionysius the wine god to a drinking contest and lost, thereafter being forced into Dionysius’s thiasus for a good while. The thiasus was the drunken retinue of the wine god.
The first settlers of Mykonos were Ionians but like just about everywhere else in the Greek islands, Mykonos was subject to the waves of invaders and counter invaders that washed over the region, enjoying variously the attentions of Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans along the way.
Mykonos was once home to a major industry in ship construction but now the attraction of Mykonos Island Greece lies in tourism and its cosmopolitan night life. You can travel to Mykonos by air from Athens or Thessaloniki. Alternatively there is always the ferry from the mainland or other islands. People travel from Greece to Mykonos because of the night life. It has variously been described as adult, rowdy, jet set, crazy and wild. There is a gay scene in Mykonos too and that must be a powerful attractant for holiday makers. There are even gay beaches. There is one at a place called Elia and another called Super Paradise on the south coast of the island. There are also gay bars such as Ramrod and Icaros. There is even a gay hotel, The Elyseum.
Mykonos offers all the usual activities for tourists and vacationers in the Aegean. There are hotels, miles of sandy beach with all the water sports available such as jet skiing, snorkelling and wind surfing. Kalifatis is the place to go for wind surfing.

Ano Mera is the main town to be found inland and is home to the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. The town of Chora is a nice place to explore on Mykonos. There are shops as well as museums. Some of the most famous landmarks of Mykonos are the windmills. They can be seen from above Chora town.
Delos is an important ancient site. A lot of excavations are going on there and one way to get to it is from Mykonos. Many artefacts have been found there and it is reputed to be the place where Apollo and Artemis were born. Tours by boat to Delos leave every day from Mykonos. Mykonos Island Greece then, is a mecca of adult entertainment and a top notch holiday destination. You may be interested in this article: Patmos Island Greece






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