Greek İsland Holiday

Greek Island Holiday – the perfect summer vacation plan

Greek İsland Holiday; Greece is the most popular vacation spot for many people, drawing in each year millions of tourists. With more than 2000 islands, Greece is the European country with the longest coastline. The diversity that characterizes the Greek islands makes them a unique destination for visitors all over the world. Some islands, such as Santorini, are little treasures overlooked by time. Others, such as Crete, are as industrial and modern just like any American harbor city.  If you want to party and you are looking for a vivid nightlife you can choose Mykonos, Kos or Ios. And then there are a few islands that offer all of the above – like Rhodes and Corfu. These distinctions make the Greek island holidays a fantastic choice for tourists, particularly for those who dispose of only a few days to travel.

Where should tourists go on their Greek Island Holidays

The most popular vacation spot in Greece is without a doubt Santorini Island, a volcanic island in the center of the Aegean Sea with astounding views to the caldera, idyllic villages and the most enchanting sunset! The reason for which Santorini is so famous is the romantic environment; this is why this island is the leading wedding and honeymoon destination in the whole world! Tourists who enjoy history and adventure will simply adore the story of Santorini. At one point this beautiful island was shattered as a result of a volcano eruption, which went under the sea into what is known to be the world’s deepest cauldron. This is why no docks can be built for boats to reach the island; so the only way tourists can set foot on Santorini is by getting off the cruise ships onto tender boats.

Be sure not to miss Corfu Island either, as this is one of the first islands that opened to tourists and it now offers some of the best services in the world. Corfu has much to show to its visitors: remarkable landscapes, a lot of vegetation, plenty of golden sandy beaches, traditional villages, a sophisticated capital town, many Byzantine-style churches, Venetians ruins and appealing resorts all around the island. While there are villages that are very modern, such as Paleokastritsa, Gouvia, Dassia or Benitses, you will still be able to savor the traditional charm of old villages, like Kassiopi, Agios Matheos or Nissaki. Crete is also one of the most popular choices on your list of Greek Island holidays 2012. This big island mixes anything you could ask for while on holiday, starting with beautiful beaches and traditional towns and continuing with untamed surroundings, historical points of interest and natural wonders. Crete Island is mostly a place for people who love adventure, so it is recommended to rent a car to discover all its outstanding aspects. Families or traditional couples should not miss Kefalonia Island and Rhodes Island . Kefalonia is an island of the Ionian Sea with beautiful beaches and crystal water (such as Xi, Myrtos or Lourdas) and charming villages. Be sure not to miss the great natural sights on Kefalonia – the two lake-caves of Drogarati and Melissani. Rhodes is another place suitable for romantic couples or for families. The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is also known as the “Island of the Knights”, due to one of the most beautiful Medieval Towns in Europe. Also known as the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos Island is another popular vacation spot in Greece, where young people come to have fun. There are parties all day and all night long, on the most astonishing beaches. greek island holidays 2011 mykonos 300×224 Greek Island Holidays 2012 Tourists who decide on one or maybe more Greek Island Holidays 2012 should know that they have made the best choice. Greek islands offer an unforgettable experience, one that will leave tourists with a lot of pleasant memories, happiness and peace in their hearts. Greek İsland Holiday.. You may be interested in this article: A visit to Mykonos Island Greece, the perl of Aegean Sea


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