Serifos Island Greece

Serifos Island Greece – a peaceful paradise in the Aegean Sea

Serifos Island Greece is part of the Cyclades cluster, a small and tranquil island with traditional architecture. The white houses with blue windows, the narrow streets and the windmills complete the authentic picture of Serifos. While you go trekking on the island’s hills you have the opportunity to see the beautiful and vast Aegean Sea that surrounds the island. Serifos has little vegetation and the land is usually dry. However, locals managed to cultivate small vineyards and citrus fruit trees.

Closely located to Athens, Serifos is a preferred weekend destination for the Athenians. Its neighbors are Kythnos, Siros, Paros and Sifnos. Serifo’s history goes back in time; archeologists found proof of Mycenaean and Roman culture.

Serifos Island villages

Serifos villages are built in traditional Cyclades style. All of them will charm you with their small white and blue houses, chapels and windmills.

Chora is Serifos Island’s capital village. Built on a hill, the houses are arranged amphitheatrically. The view of the Aegean Sea and the rest of the island from the top of this hill is splendid. Tourists will enjoy strolling on the narrow streets. Chora’s essence can be seen in its monuments and churches – the churches of Agios Konstantinos or Agios Athanasios and the ruins of an ancient Venetian castle. Try visiting the Archeological Museum to see ancient findings or the Folklore Museum where you can see traditional costumes, porcelain decorations and a big collection of minerals found on the island. There are no cars in Chora so be prepared to walk.

Livadi is the island’s harbor. While Chora is the traditional village, Livadi is the place where tourists have all the facilities they need – hotels, restaurants, bars and taverns. The port is visited frequently by cruise boats and yachts that connect the island to its surrounding neighbors.

Megalo Livadi is an idyllic village, on the coastline, in the south western part of the Serifos Island Greece. This is the place where mining industry was quite developed. The mineral collection that can be seen in the folklore Museum is taken from here. If you feel like walking, visit the town and its churches – Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis Prodromos and Agios Nikolaos. Don’t miss on the village’s popular beach with the same name.

Last, but not least there’s Koutalas, a peaceful resort, in the south western part of the island. With only a few inhabitants this is a quiet and private settlement. Although it doesn’t have touristic facilities here you can try the beautiful beaches of Koutalas and Ganema Vagia. The Kastro tis Grias is also worth seeing; nowadays uninhabited, the kastro used to be a very important commercial and trade point of Serifos Island. The White Tower is another touristic attraction; the tower was built during the Hellenistic period. The cave of Koutalas with its interesting stalactites and stalagmites, located on the western side, was discovered by mistake when one of the mine galleries led to its entrance; this used to be a worship place in the past.

Serifos Island beaches

Serifos’s coastline measures 81 kilometers. It offers tourists some of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in the entire Greece. Serifos beaches are famous for the crystal blue and calm waters.

The island’s most popular beaches are located in the south eastern part of Serifos – Livadi, Livadakia and Avlomonas Beach. Moving south you’ll discover the beautiful Karavi beach (with azure waters) and Kalo Ambeli beach. The northern coastline holds the beaches of Lia, Psili Ammos and Agios Ioannis.

On the western part of the island tourists will love staying in Megalo Livadi. Above the beach there’s an old mine that can be visited. Megalo Livadi beach is located in a bay and sheltered from the winds. The shallow waters and the tamarisk trees make it a perfect place for a day of soaking in the sun and swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing or water skiing.

The beaches of Koutalas and Ganema Vagia located in Koutalas village are perfect for swimming; the many trees provide a comfortable and cooling shadow and taverns will delight you with Greek delicacies.

Serifos Island Greece is a serene island, a place where you can get away from the hectic city life and relax in beautiful natural surroundings and on lovely beaches. The peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of freedom you will get while staying on Serifos will convince to recommend it to others and come back in the future. You may be interested in this article: Greek Island Holiday – the perfect summer vacation plan


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